2000 R.O.C.K. Interview

  • Here's an interview from 2000 during the R.O.C.K. promotional tour. Thanks to Daniele Purrone (Avatar of Chaos) for the clip.

    It's 35 minutes in length and covers topics such as the latest release at that time (R.O.C.K.), his favourite bands, about why he joined Purple, his relationship with Jon, David and Ritchie, the writing of BURN, Trapeze and more!!

    Enjoy :)

  • I love this interview! :D It is so funny that I keep returning to it whenever I need a big laugh! His comments about "Richard Burton" and "Black Adder" are great! Hughes should release a "best of" Comedy CD on Pink Cloud of such interview snippets. "Crazy...loco" hahahaha! :lol:

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