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    The migration to the new home of the Fan Forum and Picture Gallery is now complete! You can login using your existing Username and Password. If you've forgotten either of them or both, simply click the Lost Password link in the login box.

    There are lots of bells and whistles which you will come across as you begin to use the new functionality! A couple of items of interest are worth mentioning though.

    Copying and pasting YouTube, Vimeo or Daily Motion videos is now as simple as pasting the video link into your threads. So for example:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6kQDwO-GM4 or https://youtu.be/C6kQDwO-GM4 is all you now need do to post a YouTube video. You can even Preview your post before Submitting it! You can also paste Instagram photo links and Twitter tweet links and have them display seamlessly within your posts.

    Along with the new forum's modern looking Smilies, we have brought across our popularly requested ones for you to continue to enjoy. You can also now post .mp4 video files into the Picture Gallery along with video links from YouTube, Vimeo and Daily Motion, similar to how you paste them into forum threads.

    There are file size restrictions in place for photos and videos, but they should be more than adequate for your needs and should you ever run up against them, you can always ask for more space! You can view the limits when you go to upload either photos or videos.

    Google Maps is also integrated into the new forum. This allows you to paste location names and addresses into your threads and probably more relevant, is you can now specify the location of where your pictures were taken when uploading them to the Picture Gallery. You can also create Albums for your pictures. For example, if you have a bunch of photos taken at a gig, put them into an album labeled with the gig venue and date, so everyone can easily find them.

    Private Messages (PM's) are now called Conversations - these are private communications between you and your recipient(s).

    Just as a reminder, you are unable to create threads in the News & Updates and Tour Dates & Appearances forums - but you are able to reply to any of the posts within them. Also, the Announcements forum is read only - you are only able to view the threads.

    So enjoy the new Fan Forum and Picture Gallery and should you run into an issue just start a Conversation :)

    Have fun :thumbup:

  • The Fan Forum and Picture Gallery are receiving an upgrade on Thursday, December 6th, 2023 with a couple of new features thrown in and some improvements to existing ones.

    If you have trouble accessing either one on that day, this will indicate the upgrade is in process ;)

    More details on the other side :)

  • The recent upgrade of the Fan Forum and Picture Gallery is now complete.

    The updates are mostly cosmetic, with changes to the message editor and general layout, fonts and presentation of the Forum. The bulk of the other changes and improvements are on the Administrative side.

    Thanks for your patience and enjoy 8)

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