Feel Promo Sheet Front

  • ...Vau! many albums and tours since that but I remember it like yesterday - when I got that "Feel" I mean...I went to Black&White it's music store in Helsinki that sells new and used CDs. This was near 22.11.95 -I remember 'cos I was supposed to go to my Sister's Birthday party-I looked at the latest arrivals ...and there it was brand new GH album that I didn't know even existed.

    Anyway I bought it and got so excited that I forgot to buy my Sister a present -NO, I didn't give that CD to her! :) She has forgiven me, I believe...:)

    T:) :D :D :D

  • Yeah, it's been seven years.

    I remember that time very well. From 1992-1996 was my first job in a record store. I remember very well when "Blues" came out, cause a few days earlier, there was a Deep Purple documentary on TV, and I could never forget that bass player in the white suit with the amazing voice...

    A couple of days later one of my colleagues showed me the new Glenn Hughes CD, played it, and from then on... well you can imagine the rest!

    The same colleague told me three years later that Glenn Hughes had cut his hair and that there was going to be a new Album, and I remember the very moment I had this Info sheet in my hand and ordered my copy and the "Save Me Tonight" Single from the industry.

    My favourite from the "Feel" Album will always be "Coffee and Vanilla" , "Maybe Your Baby" coming very close on second place, and I'm still having high hopes that Glenn will do an Album with just Stevie Wonder songs someday...

    Chris :)

    "The Boy Can Sing The Blues"



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