• Well, the hands are going, so no more live work, no more 2 hour shows for me on a Friday and Saturday night.

    Mr H, you’re a lucky man, I'm 5 years younger than you are!

    It hasn't stopped me recording so long as I work in short bursts, I can do half an hour or so at a time and they'll still do what I tell them, and I can still operate a mouse and sing for longer as required.

    I thought I'd better have a go at one of Mr H's songs whilst I'm still reasonably capable, and so here it is, having taken me since before Christmas. Well, what else was I going to do during lockdown?? Recorded in the home studio (garage) using Cubase 10.5, the guitar is a Bernie Marsden PRS signature, the bass a Status S2.

    I'll let you all find the original song and album, I know it won't take most of you very long, lets just say I don't sing like Glenn Hughes and I don't play a guitar like Marc Bonilla, but I’ll have a bloody good go! :D

    If it tickles your fancy there will also an alternative 'guitar edit' on YouTube as well sometime next week unless this one gets shot down first!

    NB 26/03 the 'Guitar Edit' version is now up on my Youtube channel here if you'd care to have a look, the second half of the song is very different from either the original or this version, I just had too much fun widdling away while recording,

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