The Dead Daisies - Holy Ground

  • 9/10 review for the soon to be released The Dead Daisies first album with Glenn :thumbup:


    So how does it sound? Well in short it sounds mighty fine, but then again I’d be hard pushed to find anything these guys have released that didn’t strike a chord! The Dead Daisies 2021 though is probably an even more muscular and heavy beast than we’re heard previously and some of the riffs etched in these grooves are crushing! This is an album made to be played loud (and heard live of course) and it’s also one that is beautifully balanced with the heaviness I’ve already mentioned tempered by a little funk and soul as well as some wonderful lighter moments.

    The thought that rushes through your mind with each track is as you dig in deeper is not “can they better that” but rather “if they get anywhere close this will be a helluva record!

    So a great album that quite frankly will take your breath away. Part of that comes from the no nonsense rockers that keep that foot to the floor before easing off for the two beautifully placed and rather impressive lighter moments. As track listings go it’s pretty much perfect.

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  • ...another excellent preview of "Holy Ground" with an accompanying interview with both Glenn and Doug Aldrich, courtesy Decibel Report :thumbup:

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  • ...another review of "Holy Ground" :thumbup:


    ...this is a band that has evolved with more energy, heaviness, catchiness, insane guitar work and plenty of groove in the music. I have time to think “Blimey, this is brilliant hard rock!” I bow my head in respect.

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  • 9/10 review for "Holy Ground" :thumbup:


    Musically, the band operates in the Champions League of hard rock and what is offered is guaranteed to leave fans of classic, 70s-influenced hard rock happy. The first big surprise of the new year and worthy of nine points.

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  • Quote

    The last time I took the opportunity to wallow in the Godlike talent of singer/bassist Glenn Hughes was four years ago, when Cannock’s favourite son unleashed his maelstromic Resonate solo outing on an unsuspecting World. In four words in my review of the album, I described it as ‘a hard rock masterclass’, and I was sure, in 2016, that the then sixty-five year old marvel would be never to be able to equal Resonate in terms of sheer, dynamic, strutting heavy rock brilliance.

    This really is the sort of music the man was born to sing...

    I couldn't agree more. What a marvelous review of "Holy Ground" by Gavin Strickmann :clapper:
    I can't wait to get my hands (ears likewise) on this record :bouncer:…pv-steamhammer/

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Check out this 5/5 rated The Dead Daisies - Holy Ground review:!/album/136952

    This album rolls hard and heavy like an avalanche but at the same time it is very well-balanced with lots of space for Glenn to express his soulful and funky influences.

    As I said before, I love "Burn It Down" with Corabi and Mendoza as one of my all time fav. albums.
    "Holy Ground" however lifts the band to an even higher level.
    Absolutely an album without any fillers.
    Holy Ground has an absolutely stunning production, delivered by Ben Grosse.

  • excellent 10/10 review :thumbup:

    Quote's the thing. Glenn Hughes, when it comes to this type of music, is what Lionel Messi is to football (maybe Billy Wright, given his allegiance?), a bit good. He's got one of the all time great voices. He plays bass like a god, and he's a rock star.

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  • There's also a nice review in the german Rock Hard magazine:


    It is well known that THE DEAD DAISIES see themselves more as an artist collective than as a "traditional" band - and yet "Holy Ground" is a particularly interesting release in that with John Corabi (v.) and Marco Mendoza (b.) two people have left the band after the last Daisies longplayer, who have decisively shaped the band structure over a longer period of time. Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep-Purple/Black-Sabbath, Black Country Communion) was already introduced as their successor last summer in the course of an EP release, which is a clever move in that you can kill two birds with one stone. Those who feared that the line-up change would bring major changes in the musical field can breathe a sigh of relief: THE DEAD DAISIES basically sound exactly the same (apart from Hughes' considerably brighter voice). The guys play slightly snotty Classic Rock; exactly the right music for relaxed Sunday afternoons or longer car rides over sunny country roads. The closing long track 'Far Away' comes around the corner with a nice Purple touch, which may not least be due to Hughes' past; the album version of the Humble Pie classic '30 Days In The Hole' is a bit more snappy than the one on last year's EP. What more could you want?…und_528818.html

  • At the time of release I was not a huge fan of Holy Ground. The old school Daisies sounded different and I was used to that. I was (and still am) a huge fan of Glenn’s solo work. Resonate is one of my favourite Glenn albums.

    But after listening more to the Dead Daisies Holy Ground album my opinion has changed for the good. This album grew on me a lot. It’s heavier that the older Daisies albums, but better. Glenn’s singing and bass is amazing. So is Doug’s guitar work. Very heavy but melodic and with a great groove in it. Holy Ground, the title song is amazing and so is Bassline (the bass in that song is killer). Bustle and Flow is also amazing (like a heavy Zeppelin song) and there are lots of good songs on this Dead Daisies album: Holy Ground, looking forward to hear it live in Europe in two months :)

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  • I agree that Resonate and Holy Ground have both a very heavy and groovy sound. But for me Resonate is the better album. Very good songs and very diverse, heavy rock with also funk and softer moments.

    I also prefer the production of Resonate more (by Glenn and Soren Anderson): a more open sound. And last but not least: the big difference between these two albums is the hammond sound by master Lachey Doley on Resonate: that is the big plus for me.

    On Holy Ground there are (for me) seven great songs. The production gives a very full and thick sound with two guitarists, but I like more a kind of old school approach production-wise, with a more open sound.

    But there a some excellent songs on Holy Ground which I like to experience live in Europe, next month :)

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  • I listened some more to the Holy Ground album the last few weeks. It’s still growing on me. My favourites after some weeks intensive listening are the title song Holy Ground, My Fate, Chosen and Justified, Righteous Days and Far Away. I can hear why Glenn is still the voice of rock.

    The new song Radiance from the new album seems to be even better: Wow 8)

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