Andrew Watt : huge name in USA

  • Old California Breed guitar player Andrew Watt has become a huge star in the music in USA the last few years. He had 5 Grammy nominations and won these year one Grammy. As a songwriter, guitar player and producer he had multiple number one hit albums in America, with alternative rapper Post Malone and singer Lana Del Rey for instance. Also he worked on some huge hits for his girlfriend Rita Ora.

    At the moment Andrew is writing songs, playing guitar and producing the new Ozzy album in the Abbey Road studios. Chad Smith is drumming on that record.

    So, the guy is doing very well, only 28 years old and already a big shot.

    Andrew: Keep on rocking!

  • The new Ozzy single Under the Graveyard is out now. First new Ozzy record in years. Co-written by Andrew Watt, who also produced the song (and the coming album) and plays the guitar. Drums by Chad Smith. Great sound. That must become a very succesful album in UK en USA.
    Andrew did a great job. Keep on rocking!

  • Maybe strange, but Dio, Glenn and Gillan were my favorite Black Sabbath singers.
    But I really like the sound on this new Ozzy song, especially the guitar and drums.
    Keep on rocking!

  • Andrew has two Grammy nominations for January 2020. One of it is for the great Lana del Rey album “Norman ****ing Rockwell”. Sorry but that’s the real title of that album.

  • On March 14, 2021 Andrew Watt (Glenn’s guitarplayer in California Breed) has won an important Grammy: “Producer of the year”. The guy is doing great.

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