The Dead Daisies

  • IIRC the album was supposed to be released in August. Now Glenn said in recent show that it will be out in two months... so when? Take my money already! 🤣

    8o 8o 8o 8o 8o

    T :)

  • so when?

    September 30th...


    RADIANCE is the sixth studio album for The Dead Daisies who have gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years. Once again produced by Ben Grosse, the album features 10 standout songs that evoke an energy and shine not known since the golden age of hard rock in the 0s and early 80s. Carried by the muscular drumming of Brian Tichy, fueled by the riffage of David Lowy, refined by the power and glory of Doug Aldrich and brought home by the low end thump and high end wails of Glenn Hughes, it once again shows The Dead Daisies on true form. Put the record on and get lost in time - RADIANCE is truly here.

  • jerklund: what I mean by “melodic” is “more melodic” en less gothic and doomy than a lot on the Higher Ground album.

    Shine On sounds lighter, more like we know from old school Daisies.

    Holy Ground has some very good songs on it, like Bustle and Flow, My Fate and Far Away, but I don’t like the production a lot (compressed guitars, and very thick with hardly openings). The album could be much better, when Glenn produced it. In fact the songs from Holy Ground sounded live (I was in Bochum Germany, last month) much better and more open than on the album. Very good songs indeed.

    The two songs, so far from the new album seem to have a more open sound (on my phone that is). I’ve seen Glenn en Doug also with acoustic guitars on some clips that David posted: so I hope the new album will sound better, more open and more diverse (more dark and light) on it 8)

  • Well I can't whistle the melody to Shine On... but I'm not good whistler... ;)

    Radiance opens with song called Face Your Fear - is it remake of Iommi/Hughes track?

    T :)

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