Soren Anderson

  • Have just seen that Soren has released a track via Spotify called "Bird Feeder". Assumed it's co-written with Glenn & Chad Smith, it rocks (with good use of a Nightingale song at the start ;))

    There is also the track, "City of Angels", from this year on Spotify but with the warning of explicit lyrics... it's an instrumental!

    Am I missing something? ;)

  • Glenn Hughes plays bass with Chad Smith on drums for Soren Anderson's BIRD FEEDER but the rhythm section doesn't appear in the video. I hear a hint of a Steve Vai guitar tone and a Joe Satriani compositional influence on the track. At the moment I don't know if Hughes plays on any other tracks on the album Guilty Pleasures.

    Anderson has another video CITY OF ANGELS without Hughes/Smith which reminds me of Satriani's SUMMER SONG.

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