Glenn Hughes albums on vinyl

  • On the Label RockClassics US there a now 7 Glenn Hughes albums on coloured vinyl, including Burning Japan, Feel, The Way It is and others.

    As I know these editions are limited.

    Be fast if you want to catch some of these gems!

    I don’t know how they sound but I gonna order some. After all thes years for the first time on lp.

    I hope they bring also the Iommi DEP sessions and HTP2 on lp.

    Let’s rock!

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • I ordered the three above mentioned solo classics and I will receive them this week. I bought them at and Burning Japan and The Way it is are now sold out.

    But I’m sure you can get the Glenn solo vinyl albums also on Amazon and others!

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • I think the artwork and photos on lp format are much better. Good that these albums finally came in this format.
    Keep on rocking!

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • There's just nothing like vinyl if you really like an artist in my opinion. I mean physical media are basically obsolete now. You can stream everything in perfect quality with two clicks. If you still want the music at home why not using a format that actually looks good and is fun to handle?

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