• this is the back cover of the japan tour book 2002
    inside it's full of pictures about the band.
    also i believe the pictures are taken from tour 2000 because glenn is with no long hair.
    anyway this is an item for collector to get absolutely.
    great features.
    many many thanx to TONY TAKANO and his friend in japan KAORU HOSHINO.
    thank you very much for your efforts.
    roberto :eek: :D :eek: :D


  • I must say Glenn looks better with shorter hair. I saw the ones taken backstage at the official GH site, but he really looks like a Uriah Heep band member (and that is NOT a compliment I'm sorry to say)

  • what ????
    don't you like heep band ????

    ok, ok,
    taste is taste. eh eh eh .
    but if you have a chance,go to get last dvd about uriah heep live in london 7 december 2001.
    it's called "magician's birthday party"
    i just received my preview copy.
    what great surprise !!!!!!!!!!!
    i can see myself to speack two times in the camera before the show.
    not casually, i think.
    i have long hair like seventies trend.
    but i don't feel myself as a old man.
    just like it.
    :D :D :D


  • Thanks for sharing Roberto!
    Great stuff. I hope they'll have European
    tourbooks as well.

    In fact I won't be surprised if Glenn's haircut
    -not a subject a care for the most- would change again after the HTP year 2002. This is something
    he probably did to fit better in the hardrock format that HTP is, and that fans (and the Japanese market) wants. Its the first time since 1994 (BJL) that it's that long.


    - Fedor


    ..and Im quite surprised there is a tourbook on this tour. I collect (Japanese) tourbooks from many bands and I know the last tours of artists like DIO, Sabbath, WASP, who play similar venues, havent released tourbooks as they were touring Japan. So this is quite good news IMO.
    The Japanese ones are pretty hard to get if you're not living there. Imagine: Only 7 gigs selling this book to an attendance of 1,500 each gig ?? Most are hardcore fans so they keep their copy. HELP I NEED ONE!! :)

    Gotta go!


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