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  • Does anybody know, what the bandphoto on the cover of Made in Europe is from?

    I have band photos from Graz 1975 and I have band photos from Paris 1975, so the coverphoto is not from there, because Glenn Hughes is wearing white clothing on Made in Europe and the audience is seated what is unusual for concerts in that time. There is a border between band and audience like in a sports arena or something like that.

    It's maybe Saarbrücken? I don't know. I don't know any photos from the Saarbrücken Saarlandhalle 1975 gig...

  • There is a youtube film of Paris 1974 and if that short film is real then Glenn was wearing a red shirt and not his white suit.

    But you are probably right, that the photo is not from Graz, Saarbrücken or Paris... because also the coverphoto of Made in Japan is not Japan, but London Rainbow Theatre or so...

    So I'm wondering for 40 years now, what gig that is on the photo...

    PS. I cannot find a photo of the Saarbrücken 75 gig also...

    Best regards from Germany

  • Hi,
    perhaps it is not from Paris ´74... Glenn played Rickenbacker back then.

    And it is not from Graz either

    In Paris 1975 Glenn had red shirt... assuming those photos from original Paris 1975 CD are from that show. So it could be Saarbrucken. But were Germans that well behaved... ;)

    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T :)

    aijoo. any Made in Europe boxset news?

  • well, on the made in europe cover, glenn is wearing his white suit and playing a red rickenbacker so it seems. Some of the audience are wearing checkered or squared clothing...

    Maybe Odeon Theatre Edinburgh Scotland 1974? On a bootleg cover the clothings of deep purple would fit.

    PS. Am I the only one who thinks Live in Graz 1975 and Live in Paris 1975 are **** mixed in comparison to Made in Europe? MIE was mixed by Martin Birch and Ian Paice, so the drums are a bit prominent, but I think that's good.

    The Mixer of the new Graz 75 and Paris 75 mixed guitar right and organ left (good), but guitar isn't far right (bad), coverdale left (bad), hughes vocals right (bad), delay effects on guitar (bad), drums mixed as for a right hand drummer (bad), when vocals sets in, the instruments gets quiter (bad - too much compression or limitting - wave "brickwalled" even on the vinyl version, on the cd version more worse) and of course You fool No One on Graz 75 destroyed... so who's to blame?

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