Purple related shows in 2019

  • A lot of Purple related tours are going on in 2019. Were are you going to, or looking for:
    Mine are:

    Graham Bonnet Band (March)
    Maybe Don Airey and band (not sure yet because I’ve seen him a lot of times the last years).
    Lachy Doley (May): amazing player, looking forward to this.
    Rainbow I’ve seen last year in Berlin: this year to far away unfortunately.
    Maybe Purpendicular with Ian Paice.
    Doogie White when he comes to Holland.
    GLENN when he comes to Holland.
    Deep Purple for sure when they tour again.
    Maybe CoreLeoni (with Ronnie Romero).
    A lot of great things are going on: looking forward to it: and you, my fellow GLENN fans: wat is your list for 2019?

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