excellent Blackmore/Bolin/Morse guitar tone

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    Hello folks,

    seeking for decades for the for me right guitar sound i always looked about purple guitar works. (Of course i did)

    Blackmore used to do a terrific guitar work specially on "In Rock", very agressive and innovativ. The sound was not as good like on "Burn", which is a highlight of guitar sound for me, but it was phenomenal performed.

    The solo of "Child in time", think was played on a Gibson 335, is until today a markstone.
    And of course the solo on "Hard Lovin' man", which is composed on top.

    On the purple life dvd " .. To The Rising Sun (Japan) this solo was performed by Steve Morse absolutly excellent. Playing and tone make goose bumps, every time i listen to it.

    For me the Bolin guitar sound on CTTB is another highlight too. Also the playing is terrific. For example the riff of "Getting Tighter" is so well played.

    I for myself can't play it like him, although i practised it a lot. I never get satisfied with my version.
    And of course the sound, Hiwatt amp with fuzz/booster is so good.

    I am now playing my guitar over my 20 year old Marshall JCM 2000, which is not the typical Marshall tone, but gives very open highend and a good combination with my treble booster, which is the only effect i use at the moment.

    You have to play very disciplined, course you hear every little mistake.
    But if you perform well, you get a rich and deep tone.

    I use the booster on the clean channel (crunch bottom in) and also on the distortion channel.
    Than i reduce the volume poti on my guitar a bit.

    That hot channel combi comes in near Steve Morse sound.

    I use it with Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul and Musicman Steve Morse guitar.

    This was a lil guitar talking today, keep on movin' !

    best regards

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