the unknown eastcoastwriter

  • just last week i was reading last book by Stephen King : the outsider,...really another one in this case like in the songlyric same titel by BCC.

    You know the book" finders keepers" by the unknown eastcoastwriter too, the name of Glenn's first school-band!? Funny.
    I could imagine Mr. King apreciates the lyrics from Glenn, cause they are always the topic observing the many psychological ways people have to act or get victims of other peoples actions.
    Otherwise i'd like to know if Glenn is perhaps a Stephen King fan.

    By the way, King recieved the Edgar Allen Poe Award for his novel "Mr. Mercedes", and there are two new characters, fantastic figures, one the old cop Bill Hodges (I had always the face of Tilo Prückner in my mind when i was reading), the other the wonderful fragile Holly, which appeared again in "The Outsider".

    I hope the dreammachine is about to make a real blockbuster from "Mr. Mercedes", and with the great Tilo Prückner as Bill Hodges.

    greets, Sigurd

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