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  • What's up with Glenn's drummers again on this world tour? At his recent Providence, RI gig I saw it was not Fernando Escobedo, but 'a guy with a beard'....and on the UK tour I read he changed a few too? Why not bring Pontus along? Is he more a Bonham than a Paice?

  • The original drummer didn't workout and left Glenn using a couple of guys over the Summer in Europe. For the USA shows, he had Eduardo Baldo and for Europe it was originally Jesper Lind, but again, he didn't workout after a few shows, so now Ash Sheehan is on the drummer's stool. Remember, the schedules of the musicians also dictate their availability. Glenn is looking for a more Ian Paice style drummer for these Purple shows, which is why a change was made in the first place.

    At the end of the day, it doesn't matter who the other musicians are, it's Glenn Hughes on the ticket and it's down to Glenn to deliver and he certainly has been doing just that :thumbup:

  • Of course it matters who the other musicians are... Especially when honouring the legacy of Deep Purple, who were so reliant on the individual band members' virtuosity.

    The same way some of Glenn's best stuff was written with strong co-writers.

  • Having watched videos of the first two drummers and actually seen Lind (at Leamington) and now Ash Sheehan at Manchester, I have to say Ash is by far the best and also the most in the Ian Paice style.

    Much as i love Pontus, the new guy is bang on the money for me in terms of style and sound.

    Glenn using Jeff in the USA and Soren in Europe isnt a new thing either.

  • Personally I think Pontus was doing very well. He is no Ian Paice, but there is only one Ian Paice: the master himself, the best rock drummer ever.
    Pontus can play Deep Purple and Rainbow stuff: he is now the drummer in the band of JLT and they play a lot of Purple stuff.

    Of course I’m looking forward to the Classic Deep Purple shows in the Netherlands. Glenn is superb and I like to hear how Ash Sheehan is doing the songs.

  • Ash had just 48 hours notice to learn the songs and setlist. Him not being a DP fan meant he only knew SOTW so a massive learning curve. Friends of mine who saw him at the Leeds and Newcastle show and then Manchester with me said he was improving each time and adding in extra flicks etc and showing more confidence. I recorded his solo spot and will post it here once i've got it up on youtube.

  • To be honest - I'm a little bit disappointed about Fer Escobedo not being part of this tour anymore - he was the best drummer for DP stuff Glenn worked with for years. He was able to include that unique Paiceys "swing" aspect of music... I'm going to see Prague show and I simply do not understand how drummer who is not familiar with DP at all as fan can play better than drummer who has Ian Paice as very obvious main influence... :confused: My guess is that musical reasons cant be reasons why Fer's period was so short as he was great for DP stuff.

  • I’ve been to the show in Zoetermeer last Friday. The venue was already sold out for three months. I (and my rockbuddy)met the band and Glenn in the afternoon and had the chance to to hang out a bit with Ash and Mike.
    Ash is a very nice guy and extremely talented. His solo in You Fool No One was a real highpoint of the show. Amazing what he did on such a small drumkit. One of the best drummers Glenn ever had (and I’ve seen a lot of Glenn shows).
    After the show he gave his sticks to my buddy Theo (who can play drums himself) and Ash showed us some magic tricks with his sticks.
    Amazing afternoon and show thanx to Glenn (Jimmy his PA), Ash, Mike and of course Soren.
    The show: they did the usual setlist, minus one: Burn was the encore.
    What a great show.

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