Glenn Hughes Interview Ahead Of Irish Shows

  • Glenn spoke recently with Chantelle Frampton of Culture Hub magazine in support of the Irish shows taking place in late September 2018 :thumbup:


    Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland were the places I came to as a teenager, I mean like seventeen years old. I fell in love with Belfast and Dublin and Cork. I fell in love with your country. When the English, Welsh and Scottish tour was booked I said hey what about Ireland.

    I haven’t taken the classic studio versions of the songs. I’ve had a look at videos and movies I have and looked at elements of sound from Deep Purple decades ago and I listened to what we were doing live. What I am doing with this particular show is I’m giving the fans live performances from that era like Live at Long Beach and Live at Paris. I’m giving the real classic Deep Purple fans something they will appreciate by going back and digging into these songs the way they were done in the live format in the mid-seventies.

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