• Lioness's post about Bernie Marsden appearing with GH reminded me of this, I'd almost forgotten about it -

    Some time ago I bought a guitar. Like you do.

    Having never been a fan of Les Pauls because they're just too damn heavy, I knew that PRS made a good alternative at a competitive price and weight.

    When I heard they were releasing a Bernie Marsden signature, I tried one, liked it and bought it.

    Bernie did a PRS showcase local to me last year and I got him to sign the guitar. He has produced a CD of backing tracks that he uses at his guitar clinics, I bought one and took a track - 'Morris Minor', used that guitar and put my own melody over it. This is the result - I'm 'interfering' with his track.

    Hope you like it. Note - all rights belong to BM

    and, yes, it is basically guitar karaoke, but hey, why not?

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