Don Airey serious ill?

  • On a international Deep Purple Fan Forum (runboard)I found an alarming post about Don Airey. Don had a show planned in Crocus Hall Moskow on 31-1-2018 (with his band and with Tony Carey and Doogie White). According to the news (translated from a Russian forum) Don was travelling from USA via London to Russia. During the flight from USA to London, Don sharply increased pneumonia. From London airport an ambulance took Don very ill to the hospital. According to what they heard from Don’s son Mike his father was transferred to resusitation. According to the doctors his condition (31-1-2018) is consistently heavy.Very alarming news. So far I could not find any update on Don’s situation. Anybody know how he is doing. Let’s hope he get better soon!

  • Good to know that Don is fully recovered. Simon is indeed a master on the guitar. It’s a pity that super bassplayer Laurence Cottle is not with the band this time.

  • It’s a pity that super bassplayer Laurence Cottle is not with the band this time.

    Laurence Cottle had other obligations, so Dave Marks replaced him on this tour.

    Btw, when Purple played in Hamburg last year, Don was invited by piano manufacturers Steinway & Sons. Interesting article.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • :) great, this news Lioness, Don Airey at Steinway, next week some Steinway pianos will come my way again, i think.
    Great instruments for great players.

    best regards,

  • I'm glad to hear that everything is fine with him.

    There are no solved problems; there are only problems that are more or less solved.
    All the best,Liongi Diceus

  • I’ve seen Don with Deep Purple on the 8th of July in Monchengladbach Germany and he was looking good and very healthy and sounding even better. Great show.

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