Black Country Communion LIVE in London, UK 2018

  • Glenn and Black Country Communion played LIVE tonight @ Hammersmith Apollo in London, UK :thumbup:

    INTRO (Big Train)
    One Last Soul
    Save Me
    Song Of Yesterday
    The Outsider
    This Is Your Time
    The Battle For Hadrian's Wall
    The Crow
    Over My Head
    The Last Song For My Resting Place
    Man In The Middle
    Black Country


    "INTRO (Big Time)"

    "Save Me"


    "Song Of Yesterday"


  • ...coupla' reviews from the London show :thumbup:

    My Global Mind


    A flawless exercise is musicianship, note perfect licks, breaks, mini-solos, fills and of course the vocals.

    Raw Ramp


    This London show was a lavish and generous celebration of life, music and friendship. With incredibly passionate and profound guitar work by Bonamassa, magnesium strips of pure percussive energy from Bonham, dynamic pressure-plates of lucid sound from Sherinian and of course all led by the genius of rock ‘n’ roll himself — Glenn Hughes.

    Just Listen To This


    It’s a cold, wet evening in the metropolis, but what a cool way to start the New Year! The reassembled international rock quartet take to the stage in London to present a lot of the new BCC4 album plus other selections. As the satisfied audience members make their way out of the venue, many superlatives are muttered. We are very glad to have been at this show.


    Those who saw Glenn's solo dates last year, on the back of solo album 'Resonate', know just what top form he is in, musically and vocally, and that continues here. But this is a band performance, not a solo act, and Black Country Communion looked and acted like a band, stressed how much they all were friends and indeed there was no sign of protesting too much. Throughout the gig there was honesty and authenticity, so much so that Joe, when explaining why the band wasn't active for the past six years, simply saying "because I woke up one day and decided to be an asshole".

  • ...this review from the London show sent in via Nigel Foster :thumbup:

  • ...a few more reviews from the London show :thumbup:

    The Times


    As one thunderous anthem followed another, the focus was as much on the predictably superb standard of musical interplay. Above all, this full-blooded show reminded that virtuosity channelled through the heavy-rock idiom is still, in the right hands, a mightily potent tool.…lo-w6-klz6hr8rs

    Daily Express


    With a stunning fourth album BCCIV recently released, this show was all about collecting together their best songs for a hair-raising performance that will be talked about for years to come.…h-apollo-review

    National Rock Review


    With no drama or negativity, pushing themselves with positive energy to play better and better Black Country Communion simply brought out the best in each other tonight to everybody’s overall enrichment.…pollo-london-uk

    Graffiti Punctuated


    All four performers get the chance to truly show off their hard rock credentials on chest-thumping companion pieces The Crow and Black Country. The former, a true earthshaker from BCCIV, and the latter, the mission statement that opened their debut album, are both complex, shifting, thunderous epics that only work because the players are so skilled. While Hughes sings like he might have during his original Deep Purple audition, Bonamassa either echoes his phrasing on guitar or reels off Richie Blackmore-inspired riffs without blinking, Sherinian channels his inner Jon Lord, and Bonham truly lives up to his Black Country roots. And all the while, they – and the audience – look like they're having the time of their lives. Music, as Hughes likes to say, truly is the healer.

    Planet Mosh


    Two things really struck me during tonight's show – not the sheer quality of these top musicians – that goes without saying, but firstly the sheer amount of energy there was on stage, and secondly how much they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The band members all look to be having a great time and there are jokes between them at times – it's clear that these guys are all friends not just bandmates and that they truly love playing live.



    Like everything else about the show, from the crystal clear sound mix to the classic lighting design, Black Country Communion pulled it off with near-perfection.



    What a way to start the New Year off! It may have only been the 4th of January, but this show must surely be in with contention for the gig of the year for 2018? Fantastic! What an absolute treat we had and what a privilege to watch a collection of such very talented musicians, play their hearts out with such enthusiasm and passion for the music.

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