GLENN HUGHES Performs CLASSIC DEEP PURPLE LIVE in South America - April 2018

  • For the first time in 40 years fans in South America will witness Glenn Hughes - "The Voice of Rock", perform a full concert of Deep Purple classics live!

    Glenn Hughes played his last concert with Deep Purple on March 15th, 1976 at Liverpool's Empire Theatre. That night, the British bassist and vocalist walked away from one of history's truly game-changing rock phenomena and never looked back... until now!

    He arrives in South America during April 2018 for his special tour "Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live" for 11 powerful shows encompassing Chile, Argentina and Brazil.

    Hughes comments:


    I'm incredibly excited to go out and play songs like Burn, Mistreated, Stormbringer and Getting Tighter, as well as some of those older songs that helped define the genre. I can assure you a concert that will blow your mind.

    APRIL 2018

    12th Club Chocolate - Santiago, CHILE
    14th Teatro Municipal - Valparaiso, CHILE
    15th Teatro Flores - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
    17th Centro de Convencoes, Sala Planalto - Brasilia, BRAZIL
    19th Cine Theatro Brasil - Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL
    21st Tropical Butanta - Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
    22nd Studio Mirage - Limeira, BRAZIL
    24th Opera de Arame - Curitiba, BRAZIL
    26th Porao do Alemao - Manaus, BRAZIL
    28th Bar Opiniao - Porto Alegre, BRAZIL
    29th Circo Voador - Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

    Tickets on sale now!

    With one of the heaviest repertoires known for rock, with sound and lighting production values befitting the legend, the performance of classic Deep Purple songs by Glenn Hughes are destined to write a new page in the history of rock.

    Glenn Hughes Performs Classic Deep Purple Live in South America 2018
  • Pontus has posted on FB he wont be the drummer.....

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Hmmm... Jeff Kollman should play guitar (or JJ) and when thinking drummers... Shane Gaalaas came to my mind... :)

    T :)

    You'll see that for yourself when you go to Gressvik early August... ;)

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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