Glenn Hughes Unreleased Demo "I'll Wait For You"

  • Hey David, do you know, by any chance, if Glenn is planning to release some sort of "anthology of sessions and/or demos" that he has participated in over the years? There is a bootleg called Session Man that sort of goes into that, but the quality is not the same, plus it's not the real deal.

    Glenn has a ton of unreleased or hard-to-find music that I'm sure there is plenty of appetite for from real fans.

    Would be great to hear your thoughts on this...


  • Yeah, I don't know what's holding him back. I was able to collect some of his collaborations through purchasing CDs from various artists (out of print, used, etc.) and a lot of that stuff is really good. It'd be awesome to have it all in one officially released collection (or a box!).

    Joe Lynn Turner released something similar to that last year (albeit on one CD only) and I thought it was not bad.

    I totally understand that some artists don't care to look back and all about the future, but at the same token when do you take a breath and take stock of everything you've done? Celebrate your music sort of thing...

    Anyway, just my wishful thinking. But hey -- it's almost Christmas, so it's allowed :)

  • The hard core Glenn fans,me included will always encourage Glenn to release
    out takes,unreleased material that never fitted an album of the time.
    The unreleased Warner Brothers album is one I would like to get.
    Did MK4 ever 'track' 'It's About Time' ? Anymore form the '78 'Fools Condition' sessions?

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