Glenn Hughes & Joe Bonamassa Interview - November 2017

  • Glenn and Joe recently spoke with Amit Sharma of talkin' BCCIV, rigs and more :cool1:

    Joe Bonamassa...


    I didn’t even know if I had the current email addresses for everyone. And they all responded within an hour! We all agreed there’s no point in a reunion unless we had some good songs, so we went back to how it started. We tucked ourselves in the corner of Glenn’s writing room with a bunch of guitar amps: ‘I’ll bring the riffs and you bring that, ‘I am the messenger’ ****!’’ We spent about a year writing the songs and then recorded it this January.

    Glenn Hughes...


    Here’s something profound that I insist you print. I have seen people that God has put on this earth. I’ve known Prince, Stevie Wonder... and Joe Bonamassa. Those people are here for a reason. They are kind, generous and talented - clearly with a purpose. He’s connected to this other place. He’s my friend and we’ve rekindled an amazing friendship. Before my mum died, it was insane, but after that - he’s had my back completely. We’re looking to do number five. We want the world to know.

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