Black Country Communion - Live at Sea 2018!

  • This seems to be official but not announced by David yet :eek: :huh: :D

    Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea 2018 lists Joe Bonamassa and BCC as on the lineup and a very reliable source tells me it's definitely happening.

    Cruise from Miami to Jamaica February 26 to March 2nd 2018

  • I did post the link in my Bochum review.

    But that's a long time to go, let's wait and see what happens until then.

    At least onboard a ship nobody can escape from a gig... :D

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Well BCC4 is due out in September so any likely shows would be after that - and depend on Joe.

    Joe only has tour dates listed until end of May this year so has the summer free at the moment and could fit shows in.

    I've signed up for the cruise news updates so if I get any more info i'll let you know.
    But having both Joe and BCC listed on their website seems a risk if no contracts signed.

    Any official (or unofficial) news David?

  • BCC definitely on the bill according to Joe.

    Any USA forum fans thinking of going?

    It's a long way and a lot of money for a Brit but i'm thinking about it.



  • Decided against it in the end due to cost and lineup. Hopefully some BCC shows here at some point - and i'm still holding out for some Trapeze based Texas shows.

  • Glazosifo & Jerklund,

    when i was out in Chicago with Glenn he mentioned he wanted to do some solo shows - with a lot of Trapeze content - in Texas due to the big following Trapeze had in the state. Things seemed hopeful with some local promoters interested but as usual with these things its down to offers & contracts etc. and then BCC and Satriani came along too.

    I'll try and quiz him again when i see him in July.

  • Decided against it in the end due to cost and lineup.

    wolfy, what are your plans for September? Maybe this lineup is more to your liking... ;)


    For the first time in 40 years, Glenn Hughes will revisit his past with Deep Purple to play all of the iconic band's hits during an Australian headline tour this year.


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Hey Lioness, I saw the Aussie info on FB.

    A long way to go to see him do DP songs i've seen him do before!
    I saw him do a whole set of Purple at a the Rock and Blues Custom Show in 2010.
    And I saw Blackmore's Rainbow do a superb 2 1/4 hour show in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago which included Burn and Mistreated.

    It's a great band though with Jeff, Lachy and Pontus. I've always been impressed with Jeff and it was a shame Lachy couldn't make the Resonate tour but Jay Boe was a real find and has now been picked up by Inglorious.

    If the lottery numbers come up i will go!

    I've already got Uriah Heep, Magnum, Deep Purple, Von Hertzen Brothers, Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy and Focus lined up this year, plus of course Glenn's Homecoming show.

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