Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK Setlist - January 23rd, 2017

  • Glenn and his band played at Robin 2 in Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK tonight :thumbup:

    Muscle & Blood
    Gettin' Tighter
    Stumble & Go
    Can't Stop The Flood
    One Last Soul
    You Keep On Moving
    My Town
    Might Just Take Your Life
    Soul Mover
    Black Country

    Burn [w/ guest vocalist, Nathan James (Inglorious)]


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  • early review of tonight's show :thumbup:


    There is no doubt that from the minute he strides onstage dressed in an incredible purple suit and looking every inch the rock star to play the psychedelic “Flow” from his stunning “Resonate” record, which emerged last year, that this is a special night for the crowd, but also for Hughes.

    More @…-bilston-23117/

  • Was a brilliant show. Vocals as usual were impeccable and hit all the high notes with ease.

    All the Resonate tracks went down a storm.

    The Hammond player Jay Boe was excellent. Well up in the sound mix and taking the lead when required. Having the real thing really made the difference compared with a synth trying to sound like one.

    For me the highlights were Stumble and Go, Medusa, My Town, Heavy and of course Might Just Take Your Life - the best version I can think of I've seen by Glenn due to the Hammond. Soren said they only practised it that afternoon!

    Overall probably as good a show as I've seen from Glenn in a long time - certainly had more intensity than with Doug.

    There's no doubt this line-up would have wiped the floor with every single band at Hard Rock Hell last year.

    Roll on Manchester on Friday when I do it again!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Quote

    Trapeze's Medusa was one of the highlights of the concert with an emotional Hughes dedicating it to his very sick mum Sheila, who was present for his last Robin 2 show 15 months ago.

    He recalled how he wrote the song at the age of 17 in her kitchen in Cannock

    From the Express & Star…bilston-review/

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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