• Interview & Pictures courtesy: John "Shooter" Harrell ©2001 - Burrn (USA)

    Two ex-Deep Purple vocalists, Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner, made an album - HTP (Hughes Turner Project). This album will be on sale in Japan beginning February 2002. This project was started when Glenn was asked by Joe to play together in Japan, right before Joe's Japan tour in October, 2000. As Pony Canyon hoped, in this new album, they play melodic hard rock, something like a fusion of Deep Purple and Rainbow in a modern manner, featuring big vocals and a Hammond organ, "The songs in this album were basically written by myself and JJ Marsh within two days", Glenn said. "I had a strict idea on how this album should sound. During a two-day period, I was very creative and concentrated on writing. And, now I think that this album grasps completely what type of musicians myself and Joe are. You can hear the big vocals. This album is truly unbelievable and will be on sale in 2002".

    All the songs in this album were already written in February, 2001. The twelve songs featured in this album were recorded in about 15 days between September and October, 2001. As you know, because
    both Glenn and Joe were extremely busy in their own solo projects, it was difficult to find good timing. Nonetheless, they adjusted their schedule to turn the project into reality. Ten of the songs
    in the album feature double vocals by Turner and Hughes, and both singers sing leading parts. "On the eleventh song, I sang a ballad, and on the twelfth, Joe sang a ballad", Glenn explained. "One day, I was walking on the beach, talking with him over the phone. I asked him what type of ballad he wanted me to write. His answer was Street Of Dreams. On the way walking back to my home, the song was finished in my mind. As soon as I arrived at my home, I went straight to a keyboard and taped the song and sent it to Joe in New York. He thought it was the best among all the ballads he sang since Street Of Dreams".

    Among the numbers on the album, Akira Kajiyama is featured in Ride The Storm, and Against The Wall, Paul Gilbert in You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll, and John Sykes in Heaven's Missing An Angel, as lead guitarists. Other titles are Devil's Road, Missed Your Name, Mystery Of The Heart, Sister Midnight, Better Man, Fade Away, Run, Run, Run, and On The Ledge. Against The Wall is a Bonus track for the Japanese press only. Musicians who played in this album are, other than the guitarists listed above, JJ Marsh (Guitar), Vince DiCola (Keyboards), Shane Gaalaas (Drums). Glenn played bass by himself. This is a lineup of Glenn's recent band. The album was produced by Joe, Glenn and Michael Scott, with whom Glenn always works with.

    "In this album, you can listen two ex-Deep Purple lead singers. One also belonged to Rainbow, and another sang on a Black Sabbath album. Such a powerful combination did not exist since Deep Purple with David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes. "We would like to go on a tour after the release of the album. If the album sales goes well, we might make another album.", Glenn said. He finished by saying, "This album is for all the fans who love what I and Joe did in Deep Purple and Rainbow".

  • I just can't wait to hear this CD!

    I'm truly one of them who loved Glenn on Purple and Joe Lynn on Rainbow. Burn is one of the greatest albums on earth and no one can resist the songs of pop/rock Rainbow: I Surrender, Magic, Street Of Dreams or Can't Let You Go.

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