NEW 2016 Interview w/ Sonic Abuse

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    If you’ve not already read our superlative-filled review of ‘Resonate’ then we’ll summarise by simply saying that it truly is one of Glenn Hughes’ finest albums to date (both solo and as part of globe-straddling acts such as Black Country Communion).

    In order to complete the interview series, here's a most interesting and entertaining interview with Glenn on Sonic Abuse :clapper:


    I’m really glad you mentioned ‘when I fall’ because I believe that to be one of the most beautiful songs you’ve ever recorded – the way your vocals really open up is stunning…

    Well, you know, I love that song and that song wrote itself. It was written in five minutes. Lachy’s Hammond solo on that song just brings me to tears. His keyboard playing is out of this world. Out. Of. This. World. I’ve worked with Jon Lord and Keith Emmerson, may they rest in peace, and now I’ve got Lachy Doley and it’s like “oh my god, how lucky am I to have him in my band?”

    I am more than happy that Glenn is back with a superb keyboarder again and hope that I'll see Lachy on tour next year! :bouncer:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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