Cherry Red Acquires Glenn Hughes Back Catalogue

  • Up next for release are Return Of Crystal Karma and The Way It Is with a few bonus tracks :thumbup:

    Both set for release on August 18th, 2017.

    "Return Of Crystal Karma"

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    Disc One:

    1. The State I'm In
    2. Midnight Meditated
    3. It's Alright
    4. Switch The Mojo
    5. Gone
    6. The Other Side Of Me
    7. Angela
    8. Owed To "J"
    9. This Life
    10. Days Of Avalon

    Disc Two - Live In São Paulo, Brazil – November 25th, 1999:

    1. You Kill Me
    2. Neverafter
    3. First Step Of Love
    4. No Stranger To Love
    5. Coast To Coast
    6. Your Love Is Alright

    "The Way It Is"

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    Disc One:

    1. The Way It Is
    2. You Kill Me
    3. Neverafter
    4. Rain On Me
    5. Curse
    6. Freedom
    7. The Truth Will Set Me Free
    8. Stoned In The Temple
    9. Too Far Gone
    10. Second Son
    11. Take You Down
    12. Don't Look Away
    13. Freedom (Shagmeister Mix)

    Disc TwoLive At The London Astoria 2 - November 22nd, 2000:

    1. The State I'm In
    2. Midnight Meditated
    3. Gone
    4. Might Just Take Your Life
    5. Muscle And Blood
    6. You Kill Me
    7. Medusa
    8. You Are The Music
    9. Your Love Is Alright
    10. Coast To Coast
    11. Purple Medley: Owed To "G"/ Sail Away / Lay Down Stay Down / Gettin' Tighter

  • No, Gone was never issued on the live disc, perhaps you're referring to a bootleg of the show? The full album track listing is the same as the original, issued back in 2000.

    My bad, David, you're correct. I don't know why I thought No Stranger to Love was in it...

    On a separate note, I do prefer Japanese releases to these deluxe reissues. Japanese releases had a proper studio bonus track. I'm no fan of throwing live bonus tracks onto the album just to call it a "deluxe remaster". Most artists do it, and, to me, it's unfortunate. I'd much rather get all the studio outtakes, B-sides, etc, than get another live version of Burn or something. Just my 2 cents.

  • 'Live at The London Astoria' is a good audience recording.I enjoyed 'Gone' and a keyboardless 'Might Just Take Your Life' musically treading in AC/DC territory.

    Good to reaquaint myself with he quality of the 'The Way It Is'. Nice soulful elements therein amongst the riffage.

  • Why is "Burning Japan Live" (we all know it) not on Cherry Red's reissue/remaster list??? :confused:

    ...because they only have these titles from the back catalogue.

    'Play Me Out' (1977), 'Feel' (1995), 'Addiction' (1996), 'The Way It Is' (1999), 'The Return To Crystal Karma' (2000), 'Building The Machine' (2001) and 'Songs In The Key Of Rock' (2003).

  • Up next for release are Building The Machine and Songs In The Key Of Rock with quite a few bonus tracks :thumbup:

    "Building The Machine" is set for release on November 17th, 2017.

    "Building The Machine"

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    Disc One:

    1. Can't Stop The Flood
    2. Inside
    3. Out On Me
    4. I Just Want To Celebrate
    5. Don't Let It Slip Away
    6. Feels Like Home
    7. Highball Shooter
    8. When You Fall
    9. I Will Follow You
    10. Beyond The Numb
    11. Big Sky
    12. Cosmic Spell (Japan Bonus Track)

    Disc Two - Live in Koln, Germany - December 6th, 1999:

    1. Stormbringer
    2. Might Just Take Your Life
    3. You Kill Me
    4. Neverafter
    5. No Stranger To Love
    6. Getting Tighter (including America: What Time Is Love?)
    7. You Keep On Moving
    8. Burn
    9. You Fool No One

    "Songs In The Key Of Rock" is set for release on November 24th, 2017.

    "Songs In The Key Of Rock"

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    Disc One:

    1. In My Blood
    2. Lost In The Zone
    3. Gasoline
    4. Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)
    5. Get You Stoned
    6. Written All Over Your Face
    7. Standing On The Rock
    8. Courageous
    9. The Truth
    10. Wherever You Go
    11. Higher Places (Reprise)
    12. Secret Life (European Bonus Track)
    13. Change (Japan Bonus Track)

    Disc TwoFreak Flag Flyin' - Live in UK - October 2003:

    1. In My Blood
    2. Higher Places (Song For Bonzo)
    3. Seafull / Beyond The Numb
    4. Written All Over Your Face
    5. Can't Stop The Flood
    6. Seventh Star
    7. Mistreated
    8. Gettin' Tighter
    9. You Keep On Moving
    10. Wherever You Go

    Disc Three - Unplugged - Live in Rome, Italy - May 23rd, 2003:

    1. Stormbringer
    2. Mistreated
    3. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
    4. Coast To Coast
    5. You Keep On Moving

  • 'Songs In The Key Of Rock' with 'Freak Flag Flyin' is in sync as Glenn was promoting the album. A rare outing for 'In My Blood' on 'Freak Flag'. IMHO F.Flag is on a par and arguably better in places than 'Soulfully Live' and it is a great recording too!

    JJ Marsh was playing out of his skin on 'Freak Flag'.
    I still miss JJ,not being up there onstage with Glenn.

  • These remastered are a bit of a mixed bag.

    The Cherry Red label is not in the same re-issue category as let's say Rock Candy Records. A few years ago I bought some Pat Travers re-issues from Cherry Red which were disappointing.

    Although it is great to see Glenn Hughes solo records in US record stores, Cherry Red could have done a better job with the bonus discs.

    The Astoria concert as extra disc on The Way it is , sounds like an audience bootleg and probably is. And where is the Japanese bonus track 'the world is broken' on Return of Crystal Karma?

    The Feel and Addiction reissues were a tad better, But I don't understand why the bonus live concerts are not from the same album tour :confused:

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