• ;) It's been some time ago i was here aktive, now i have to say my regards to my friends on this forum and of course say some words to "Resonate".

    In wintertime i shortly found back my old love for the classical nylon guitar and i was on this very special musical feelings.

    But now i wanted "Resonate", again seeking for rockin' and smokin' stuff.

    What i excepted to hear was on high level, no doubt, but what i heard in my carsystem the first time was unbelievable.

    It was loud, it sounds amazingly excellent, Glenn's voice 'though highly produced intimate.

    This album first kick's my body, and i say album. Forget streaming, you have to put the cd in and listen to song after song. (Or you do the same with vinyl - not my cup of coffee, don't like crackles and scratches)

    The album starts with the true eye - ear - and brainopener "It's So Heavy",and a few songs later the hammond joins into and make the sound much more complete.

    And by the way this is 21century rock, its modern, surprising chords on one side typical Glenn Hughes but here two or three sizes bigger.

    Glenn, all love and support for you !

    best wishes to your people
    in eternity your fan

  • I remember the Resonate tour very well as I was at the only German date at Zeche Bochum. It was the day when the memorial service for Glenn's late mom was held. He told me that it was the hardest day for him since he was not able to attend the service and be there for her. I was taken aback when he said that and my heart went out to him. But she made him promise that he would not cancel any obligations because of her. That shows how much his mom must have loved her only child, which inevitably is somehow a burden for the child.

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