More Rainbow tour dates?

  • It's a bit quit on the Rainbow front.the UK show was sold out in a few minutes (indoor venue) and the two German shows on desolated outdoor areas are not sold out yet. Ritchie said as these shows will work out well, there are more Rainbow shows to be expected in the near future.

  • Last week Ritchie brougt the news that there will be no more tour dates en no studio album. Perhaps it is better because this line up is the weakest Rainbow line up so far ;)

  • The first Rainbow show at Monsters of Rock Germany got mostly positive reviews. Opening with Highway Star en ending with Black Night and Smoke on the Water (Rainbow). But a lot of Rainbow stuff in the setlist. Critical point in the review is the rythym section. Bob is not a real hardrock bassplayer and the drummer (on a very little drum-kit, funny) is not a hardrock player either. The singer, Jens Johanson on keys and of course the old boss did very well, according to the reviews. Rainbow rules again!

  • Candice posted this weekend on facebook: What's songs would you hear in the setlist if there were more Rainbow dates (just curious). So maybe there is hope for a tour? ;)

  • The same question (what songs do you want to hear) is now officially asked on Ritchie Blackmores Facebook. So I think there is more in the making. At first I was a bit sceptical about this Rainbow line-up, but after what I heard on youtube, I must recall that, because they did I great job and Ronnie Romero was a pleasent good surprise. Personally I would like to see Bobbi Rondinelly on drums and Greg Smith on bass: but seeing Ritchie play hardrock again is a very pleasent surprise. So bring on more shows for a world tour: I will be there for sure :)

  • In a interview with Dutch Radio Veronica Blackmore said that Rainbow might do some extra Rainbow shows in the near future: and that they will play than 95% Rainbow songs because it was obvious (in the last three shows) that is what the fans want to hear. No DP songs, but Rainbow songs. Good news: so for 2017 Long Live Rock and Roll (and you never know: maybe we get another Rainbow studio album: that would be great :)

  • your dreams or should I say Street Of Dreams ;)

    Expect the unexpected... ;)

    No, honestly, I don't think that Ritchie will write any real new Rainbow music. His management will release a live album and DVD of this year's shows for sure. And if his arthritic fingers permit it, he will play some more rock shows next year.

    After all, he has a young family to support, and a musician will always be a musician.

    From what I could see from the clips, Candice enjoyed the rock music as well.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • In times like these it's good to have positive dreams. A few months ago Ritchie said "only these three shows, no more" and now he says "we might do some more next year" (interview Dutch radio Veronica). So maybe he will change his mind about a new album too ;) Ronnie Romero and Bob Curiano stated on Facebook that "they are ready to record". Ritchie now also experienced that Rainbow and Blackmores Night easily can excist next to each other :) Rainbow is also big money now ;)

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