Hello to the old school Fan Forum friends!

  • Hello to all of the old time GH forum friends, from Germany, UK, USA and others. It's a bit quit here. I now there is facebook and twitter but what about this good old fashioned forum. I miss you here. Glenn is the one who unites us! come on join the club again: maybe it will be fun :)

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  • Thanks willem for trying to kick start things here... but these days, social media is where it's at and where most of the Fan Forum members now hangout, plus of course, Glenn is also active on his various platforms and interacts with fans directly.

    But the Fan Forum is still around and will continue to be, as it's good for news, updates, show reviews etc and of course, for those who prefer this format... and as we've seen in the past, these 'social' platforms come and go... but the Fan Forum remains :)

    So quiet, yes... but not over & out :D

  • Hoj Willem,

    Thanks for your post. As soon as Glenn will start the US tour, things will pick up here again, I believe.

    We have the same Situation at our German forum. Sometimes it's really slow for a while, and then activities start all over again.
    However, as David pointed out, there's nothing more reliable than longtime fans and a good fan forum, old school or not :)

    Have a nice week!

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  • I admit I haven't been on here very often since I got my iPhone. It's very easy to just stay seated on the sofa and pick up the phone and catch up with what's going on in the world.

    I vow to get back in the routine of checking in on a daily basis.


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