June 17th 1973 - Trapeze

  • Thanks for the post Ad. I currently live on Wentzville where this took place. I grew up in a small town about 12 miles to the west. I was a couple years from getting my drivers license when this took place, so I didn't have a way to get there, or I would have been there.

    I've been in touch with a local musician that opened the night Trapeze played. His band went on before Lee Michaells. He said Lee Michaels asked him if he could use his equipment since it started to rain. He said no :)

    He was a massive Trapeze fan he stayed and watch their set. I asked if he had photos, but he only had photos of his band that his friend took that night.

    Here is a photo of our forum friend Wolfysmith from 2014 when he came over to visit me. I took him to Chuck's place. This is the monument at his driveway.

  • I posted this on my facebook today, since George is in town tonight for a show. I thought it would fit in here on this thread about Berry Park.

    I saved this from the St. Louis Post Dispatch back in 1982 when the Bad To The Bone album was released. It's about a track on the album called Back To Wentzville.

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