Hughes/Turner finish album

  • Voices of Classic Rock members, Glenn Hughes [Deep Purple] and Joe Lynn Turner [Deep Purple/Rainbow] have just finished their first album together.

    Glenn and Joe worked on writing most of the songs earlier this year. Michael Scott co-produced the album along with Hughes and Turner. Scott has worked with Glenn on his last few albums and his resume includes stints in the studio with Van Halen. The CD will was recorded in Los Angeles during the past 4 weeks.

    Glenn explained that, "Joe and I sang one song each and on the rest we're splitting the vocals within each song, singing together. We've written the songs in a format where he'll sing a verse, I'll sing a bridge, I'll sing a verse, it will be a very shared thing. The songs that we're on together will heavily feature both of us."

    You can read the entire press release over at

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