Jakarta 40 Years Ago

  • Today is the 40th anniversary of the Indonesian concerts where tragedy struck Deep Purple. I wonder if ever an apology for the mayhem and the loss of a member of the security team has been offered to the band, to Glenn or to the family of Patsy Collins. I doubt it.

    From my point of view those gigs marked the final beginning of the end of MKIV. Not to forget that one year later Tommy Bolin died.

    Opening act for Purple in Jakarta was the local band „God Bless“. The band still exists and has gained a legendary status in Indonesia.

    Also attached from my archive is the story „Nackter Terror bei Deep Purple“ (Naked Terror for Deep Purple). It was published in German POP magazine (and similar in Rolling Stone) in late January 1976, covering the „blood night“ of Jakarta, Patsy’s death, Rob Cooksey and „two roadies“ thrown into jail, the following gigs in Japan, Tommy’s problems with the hand and all that.

    Jon Lord:


    I saw a Doberman mauling the arm of a maybe 15 year old boy. Nothing could stop the dog. The poor boy’s blood was flowing like water.

    Not surprising that Lordy refused to ever go back to that country.

    Little did we know at the time that soon Purple would be finished for eight long years and that MKIII/IV would never see the light of the day again.

    Just looking at that article gave me the creeps back then and still does to this day. Life for Purple fans wasn’t always easy and sometimes you got more excitement than you wished for. That goes in particular for one certain bassist/singer from that era, too, to whom I dedicate this post. Maybe the incredibly rich history of the band is one of the reasons why I see more and more young faces at the gigs, be it at Glenn’s or Purple’s.

    the historian ;)

    Safe journey to Japan for you & the boys, Glenn, and all the best for your knee surgeries! :heart: It’ll be alright.

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