Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK Setlist - October 26th, 2015

  • Glenn and his band played at The Robin 2 in Bilston (Wolverhampton), UK last night :thumbup:

    Way Back To The Bone
    First Step Of Love
    Touch My Life
    Sail Away
    Good To Be Bad
    Can't Stop The Flood
    One Last Soul
    Soul Mover

    Black Country


    You can now also view some pix from the show over in the "Tour Pix" section of the site :cool1:


  • The Robin2 was sold out and I’ve never known it so full so early on. Despite the fact JJN wasn’t on till 8pm and Glenn at 9.15 the place was packed by 7.30 and we had to get a spot at the front at that point.

    Jared James Nichols went down a storm with the crowd. A great 3 piece blues-rock band and he reminded me of a young Ted Nugent. He had the crowd singing along and his 45 minute set was over too quick. When he finished he actually came off the front of the stage into the crowd and over to the merch where he stayed the rest of the night happily chatting to fans and signing cd’s. I bought both his cds and “Old Glory and The Wild Revival” is the one to get. I said to him he should have come on early as the place was so full and he said “man, I’d play all night if I could”. Those of you in the USA are gonna be spoilt with him and JST cranking out their style of blues rock as support to Glenn.

    At 9.10 the lights went down and The KLF’s “What Time is Love” came blasting through the PA.

    The setlist was as per other shows and a pretty good selection. Doug is a great foil for Glenn to play off and was clearly enjoying himself. Having been at the top in Dio and Whitesnake he made it look easy and had nothing to prove to anyone. Pontus was a real powerhouse and I think playing at a higher level than when last with Glenn. He broke a big piece of wood off one of his sticks during Sail Away and it flew across the stage but he carried on regardless. After the show he told me he had to flip the stick round and play it backwards. Just as well he wears those gloves!

    Glenn’s mum was at the show, watching from the mixing desk, and when Glenn spoke to the audience about her and his dad he was very emotional and close to tears. A massive round of applause got him through and he regrouped to deliver the rest of a storming set.

    Highlights? For me every song, Way Back to the Bone, Mistreated, Cant Stop the Flood stood out but Glenn’s aggressive bass attack on Black Country was superb. Mikey Dowson reckoned it’s the best version of the song he’s seen and this was about his 6th show of the tour - so far!

    Despite having seen Glenn on every tour since Addiction I'm still amazed by his singing and how he hits notes so high only a dog could hear it. During his vocal workout in Mistreated he held one note so high and long that I heard someone behind me exclaim in amazement "F**king Hell!!!!" and I knew just what he meant.

    Next up for me is the Manchester show. Roll on Thursday!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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