Growing Wise...

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    ...from Ellis featuring Glenn sharing the vocals with Stacy Ellis sounds like blinder. Looking forward to this release from the San Diego based outfit, which of course, also features Brett Ellis on guitar.

    ..."ELLIS THREE, is our third and forthcoming CD. Almost no song on this monster-of-an-album has less than 60 tracks, which requires a higher level mixing studio than what's commonly available in our hometown of sunny San Diego. So off to L.A. we go. We're very excited about a number of tracks on this CD - the long-awaited and brilliantly arranged duet with Glenn Hughes, an instrumental version of Couldn't Make Her Stay by the late Lonesome Dave of FogHat, an unbelievable new song called many. You'll hear some different influences this time...even a little gospel in the nearly religiously powerful Empty Pockets. (Our engineer Steve Russell says we really went to church on that one!). Also, the soul pours forth on a duet called Grace with a new friend and gospel diva, Krista Peterson. Brett Ellis takes a vocal line or two on some of the backup parts. A few other guest vocalists help out on back-up duty as well. Guest musicians include Anilh Rameshwar on trumpet and Ben Moore on Hammond B-3 organ. Cold North and Throwing Stones, two songs written and recorded during the Barstool sessions, will also be released on THREE. Matthias Von Herrath plays violin on Cold North. So as you can see, there's a lot going on with this album. Its depth is unprecedented. We can't wait to bring it to you."

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