GLENN HUGHES announces DOUG ALDRICH as guitarist for European Tour

  • Following on from his recent announcement of a 2015 Solo Tour in Europe, GLENN HUGHES is excited to announce that DOUG ALDRICH (Revolution Saints & formerly Whitesnake, Dio) will join his Solo band as guitar player. Alongside Aldrich will be powerhouse Swedish drummer, PONTUS ENGBORG, with Hughes on bass & vocals, completing the Trio.

    Commenting on the addition of DOUG ALDRICH to his Solo band, Hughes says:

    Hughes continues:


    On the fifth anniversary of Ronnie's passing, I connected with Doug again, and we chose to talk and remember how much we loved and missed him. We both asked what we were doing musically, and then out of the blue I asked him if he would like to come and play with me and do some Shows.
    The answer was... I'm in!

    We are both very excited to bring the love to ROCK fans, and carry the message that ROCK is alive. For me, it's time to get back onstage, it's where I belong... see you soon!

    Excited at joining Hughes' Solo band for the 2015 Tour, guitarist DOUG ALDRICH added:

    Swedish drummer PONTUS ENGBORG has been in the Glenn Hughes band since 2010.

    Engborg on touring again with GLENN HUGHES adds:


    This is exciting times. I am so pumped and happy to start this Glenn Hughes journey again.

    The GH band is ready to hit the road. Looking forward to seeing you all.

    Get ready people! We're coming for YOU!

  • Another situation where Glenn goes out and recruits a great name who already has a day job and is not willing to give it up :huh:

  • It'll be interesting how Doug handles the Hughes/Thrall tunes and the funkier moments in the set list.

    I'm thrilled to pieces by the news!!! This fits like ass on bucket, as we say here ;)

    Apart from Moody and Marsden of course, Doug has always been my fav Snake guitarist. Now I get the chance to see him live with Glenn in a cosy club atmosphere.

    Thank you, Glenn! :bow:

    Doug playing "Stratus". This funky enough for you? :)


    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Aldrich recently announced he dropped out of his Vegas gig, does this mean he will put in with Glenn 100% now??????

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