• Even though I've been a fan for years, so far my legendary laziness prevented me from using this forum. But now the social animal inside decided that it might be fun (especially before the upcoming tour) getting to know other fans :lol: I have quite a history with Glenn and his music, he helped me out in the worst days of my life and therefore he is very dear to me.

    Currently I'm one of the founders and leaders of a small GH-fanclub called Soul Mover - Glenn Hughes Family, you can find us on Facebook :)

    This in the attachment, I got it after the Vienna California Breed concert, when we were talking in the backstage :)http://www.glennhughes.com//www.pinterest…eate/extension/

  • Thanks! :D

    p.s. Chocolate - in every form and every context!!! :lol: I learnt how to prepare chocolate bars so sometimes I make my own chocolate for myself with various spices and fruits, yummy!

    I will keep on riding in the early morning light till they lay my body down

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