Voodoo Hill "Waterfall" set for October 2015 release

  • ...one of many behind-the-scenes studio sessions Glenn has been working on this year, VOODOO HILL, "Waterfall", featuring Italian guitarist, Dario Mollo, will see a release via Frontiers Music Srl on Friday, October 16th, 2015 in Europe and North America.


  • That is really GREAT news. I firmly believe that the previous 2 Voodoo Hill records are as amazing as BCC, Deep Purple or most other releases from Glenn Hughes and a great showcase for his vocals.

    If ONLY they would tour.

    PS..and the best thing is Dario Mollo will find it difficult to quit on Glenn since it IS Dario's band!!!!!!

  • Love the stuff on the sample video. One of them sounds rather like Stargazer.

    The only disappointment with the whole VH project is the lack of live shows. The songs don't ever make it in to Glenn's solo shows either.

    As this is a "history" tour i really hope at least one track makes it onto the UK set list. Waterfall is released just as the UK tour starts so he could sneak a song in from the new album.

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