Shawn Smith UK Tour April & May 2015!

  • Shawn Smith, the brilliant singer and main songwriter for the bands Brad (which has Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam as guitarist) and Satchel, is on a solo tour here in the UK, plus Dublin, starting April 23rd.

    It'll be a bunch of intimate shows with just him on either a keyboard or guitar.

    If you've never heard of him or the bands mentioned then you've missed out big time and you shouldnt let that put you off going to see him. If you are a fan of The Sopranos then you've heard a few of his songs in the show - the one below will get played live.

    here's one from his younger days in Brad which he'll also definitely be performing
    his youtube channel is here if you want to get a taste of his massively varied output and styles of songs.

  • The June 2015 edition of Classic Rock magazine has a two page feature on Shawn plus one of his old tracks is on the free cd.

    They say he's "blessed with one of the great voices of the last 3 decades" and "it's time we woke up to his charm".

    Go see him if you can!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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