Rock Meets Classic Gerry Weber Stadion

  • On the second of april there was a huge event in the Gerry Weber Stadion in Germany.
    "Rock meets classic" concert the sixth time now and it was much greater than i expected, and my expectation about this was not low.

    The list of stars was set high with John Wetton, Eric Martin, Gianna Nannini, Rick Parfitt and Ian Gillan.
    Together with the "Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague" and their wonderful conductor Bernhard Wünsch played the " Mat Sinner band".

    All the musicians gave us a really tight exploding performance!
    The sound of a passionated, inspired and grooving orchestra together with the marshallized guitars, thundering bass and drums is nothing less but the sound of future for me.

    And all the musicians had really so much fun on stage, i couldn't hardly believe what was going on there this night.
    It was the best of Rockn' Roll can bring...
    "the mood is set alright... its gonna be a long long night...!" ha ha!

    And the singers were all great, and last but not least the vocal sound was crystal clear this evening.

    The big final was a superb performing Ian Gillan, who always told us little stories about the circumstances of writing the Deep Purple songs.
    The last song was (of course) "Smoke On The Water" and the whole stadion was standing und singin' and again i was thinkin' this party had just begun, this spaceship had just started !

    Maybe the next year together with Glenn ! ??, "Burn" and "This Time Around" please. This would be the ultimate! :D

    greets and happy eastern!

  • Thanks a lot for your report and the photo, Sigurd :thumbup:

    Here's a backstage interview from the Olympiahalle in Munich

    and a really extensive one with Ian

    Hope you're enjoying the Easter break! :)…com/pin/create/extension/

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