New Whitesnake album with Purple covers!

  • ...selling like hotcakes apparently :)


    The Purple Album was released last week via Frontiers Music Srl and has stormed the charts around the globe.

    In the USA, the latest release landed at #6 on the Top Current Hard Music Albums, #15 on Top Current Rock Albums, #43 on Top Current Albums and #83 on the Billboard Top 200 Charts. Around the globe, you can also find it at #18 in the United Kingdom, #9 in Finland, #17 in the Czech Republic, #11 in Switzerland, #34 in Norway, #18 in Sweden (#1 on the Hard Rock Charts in Sweden), #13 in Germany, #24 in the Netherlands and #8 in Japan.

    "The Snakes & I are thrilled with the incredibly positive response to The Purple Album. Our sincere thanks to ALL for the amazing support we're receiving for the album & The Purple Tour!!" exclaims David Coverdale.

  • According to the charts DC made a wise discision to record the Purple album. I like it a lot and so do lot's of fans...

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • I have to admit; all in all the album is growing on me.

    I'm still not thrilled by the drumming or the sound engineering but, on the whole, I am definitely warming up to the album and its re-interpreted material.

    I still don't like "Comin' Home" or "Lady Luck", and neither "Burn" nor "Stormbringer" thrill me, but apart from those...

  • Whitesnake, like most bands who have been around for decades, are a brand. That means people will buy the album regardless of reviews or who the lineup is.

    Also, there are stacks of WS fans who probably never heard tracks from those versions of DP. They no doubt know SOTW and a few MKII classics thanks to the current lineup still touring but obviously DP don't play these songs as its Ian Gillan's band.

    It could certainly work in Glenn's favour as those who like these reworked tracks might seek out the originals and realise there's another singer on them who will blow them away with his own vast catalog of work. Plus the songwriting royalties of course!

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  • I notice that DC featured 9 Purple tracks (out of 15 played) on the first date of his US tour. No 'Holy Man' though !!!

  • :cool: well, so reading a lots of reviews and critics about that new Whitesnake piece without hearing one note until NOW!!

    First of all it seems this album will bring a lot of discussion around the Purple fanworld and Whitesnake fanworld too.
    And that's good, and also it was a good and wise and a tough decision of Mr. Coverdale, cause it is a big shout into the Rockn'Roll galaxy.

    Well, second point, i've been listening to the original mark3 and mark4 albums about 40 years and i love it the same as i was blown totally away first time listening.
    Of course the sound burned in my brain and many songs haven't made it on life-events of the band and were never heard again on any concert.

    I was so surprised that Glenn played "Sail Away" on a concert in 2010, and he did it terrific.
    And i am NOT that kind of fan who says: Don't touch this song, you'll loose!
    I also was surprised to hear Glenn sing "A Whiter shade of Pale" or "Nights in White Satin" on his Australia Life DVD, cause outstanding songs should be played life on stage, than the songs live on and on.

    And now D.C. had put the outstanding songmaterial into real life again,
    and this is good, good,good!!

    First "Burn" i absolutly love, needless to say D.C. sang great, the crunchy sound and agressive drums are good. The guitarwork with the extra Solopart (Hommage to Rainbow) is breathtaking. I'm normally not a fan of much tapping, but this one i love!

    "Stormbringer" on Audio and also Video DVD is a highlight for me.
    This monstersong had reached a new scary and dramatic dimension, again the guitarwork is terrific, for me the best on the album. I hope they will do the storm-soundeffects also life on tour.

    "Soldier of Fortune" i love absolutly, also the new interpretation of "Sail Away".

    "Lady Double Dealer", "Might Just Take Your Life","Lay Down Stay Down",
    "You Fool No One", "The Gipsy" are great and so much fun.

    "Mistreated" is sung f...g beautiful again, but the guitar disappoints here.
    The mark4 songs aren't bad but can't stay beside the originals.

    "Holy Man" as a Glenn-song is a great surprise, love the singing and the guitarwork again.

    All in all it is great stuff, much fun, lots of passion and a very lifesounding production ;)

  • I share Marc's words. Aldridge's drums wallplastered a couple of songs, that I don't like. The oh-so-powerful original Comin' Home, now sounds like Guilty of Love (Slide it in) or Straight for the heart (1987). Ian Paice is sorely missed on this album. That being said, it's amazing that this album is available all across the world. Here in the US, the Purple album DLX version is IN EVERY RECORD STORE for like $14,-. Songs from Deep Purple MK III and IV that have been killer hits for me for decades have been obscure Purple album tracks for everybody else. UNTIL NOW...very strange. To old cov's credit, he's very humble in the liner notes and gives a nod to his old MK III and IV colleagues. WHITESNAKE is more of a marketing powerhouse than Blackmore, Purple and it must be said, glenn, combined in the US. I'd like to thank him for having released this CD. July 24th I'll see for myself if the music holds up in the Twin rivers Casino, Lincoln, Rhode Island :thumbup:

  • French has conducted two in-depth interviews with David and Glenn.

    The interview with DC is available in English:…ple-coat,179545

    whereas the interview with Glenn is so far only available in French :(…-bonheur,181415

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