New Whitesnake album with Purple covers!

  • The rumours on the net goes that the new Whitesnake album will be a album with Deep Purple Mk3 & Mk 4 cover versions :thumbup:

    The official announcement (if it's true) will be tomorrow on and their facebook site!

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  • Just saw the announcement. The Rumours are true. No original songs, all DP songs. Funny David once said these albums are pointless when you have the originals. You can keep this, cover albums are totally useless. No wonder Doug split. Disappointed. I will not be buying this.

  • Totally surprised by this. No new Snake songs, a covers "tribute" album. Now he becomes David Cover Version for real!

    Will get the album but I don't know , I'm not too enthusiastic. Although his voice sounded pretty good on forevermore not too good on this new Stormbringer. I think Michael Devin is a real talent though, a singing bass player, where have I seen one of those before!?

    Maybe a duet with Glenn on Holy Man Mikey?

    This could have been a bonus disc on a double album with an album of true Snake songs, maybe as a last hurrah for the band. maybe shouldn't have called it a whitesnake album?

  • A DP covers album? What an odd - but interesting - choice.

    Honestly, I'd have to say that without participation from Glenn, such a full blown nod to DP on David's part is somewhat diminished in my eyes and yet, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious.

    The version of Burn/Stormbringer that WS has played live for several years now has always struck me as being pretty well executed, so I'll reserve final judgment until I hear the album, but I think WS would have done better to get an album of new material out instead, especially in the wake of Aldrich's departure...

  • Stormbringer 2015 sounds overproduced. DC voice is good, but not as good as in the good old days. The Purple albums Burn, Stormbringer and Come taste the band, are so classic and unique, that the new versions, never can compare with those original songs. I think I will buy the album when it is out of the charts (for a cheap price). The Purple tour will be more interesting, because this is a change to hear a full concert of Mk3 and Mk4 songs :thumbup:

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  • There's no keys on Stormbringer, which flat out sucks, ( the no keys) and there's no mention of Brian Ruedy or keyboards in the announcement. Trying to get some inside info on this. I saw pics of Brian in the studio on FB so no way he's not on this!

  • Here's the full details:

    Whitesnake - The Purple Album

    “You Fool No One (interpolating Itchy Fingers)”
    “Love Child”
    “Sail Away”
    “The Gypsy”
    “Lady Double Dealer”
    “Holy Man”
    “Might Just Take Your Life”
    “You Keep on Moving”
    “Soldier of Fortune”
    “Lay Down Stay Down”

    Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
    “Lady Luck”
    “Comin’ Home”

    DVD Extras
    “Lady Double Dealer” (music video)
    “Sail Away” (mix music video)
    “Stormbringer” (music video)
    “Soldier of Fortune” (music video)
    “Purple Album Behind the Scenes”

    It will also be on double vinyl and a limited edition box-set.

    This is what David Coverversion had to say:


    It’s a tribute – a homage. It’s a huge thank you from me to Deep Purple for the opportunity I was given over 40 years ago. I said to Ritchie Blackmore, ‘You guys set me on an incredible journey that continues today and I couldn’t have asked for better teachers.’ The university of Deep Purple is an extraordinary, amazing school to learn from. We can’t wait to play these songs in concert.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I'm looking at that track listing and thinking "what's not to like?". Then I'm thinking "I've got all those tracks..........from the original band(s). How IS this going to be better & make me want to buy it?"

    Now, if it included those DP songs that aren't a comfy fit........I'm thinking "Woman from Tokyo" then it's different .

    Good Luck but no.


    Ben !!

  • First question, Why? Having heard the WS Purple version of Stormbringer Iam even more convinced this is a il advised step by DC.

    It just shows how his voice has changed and personally I don't think this adds anything to the orginals at all. It sounds like any US hard rock band making a tribute album to that period of DP. Does DC really need to do that? Very well played as it is, it's lost the blues/ soul element that was for me the bedrock of the DP sound at that time.

    DC was at his best vocally during the Lovehunter/ Ready and Willing period.As it is today and for that reason, any involvement from GH would have raised expectations of the classic vocal sound they created during there DP time.Its clear that can never now be repeated.

    I will be be sticking with the originals, for as with fine wine they just get better with time. Go taste the orginals. It's a miss from me Iam afraid though I am sure there are good business reasons for making this album.

  • Whitesnakes Stormbringer is allready viewed over 150.000 times on youtube. The buzz on the internet is enourmous. It's different, but after playing it a few times it get's better. David's voice is older but still good, in my opinion. I think the Purple album and Purple tour (live will be loud) will be a huge succes. David has Purple Gold for sure :thumbup:

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  • Whilst I'm not in favour of the concept I've watched/listened to Stormbringer a lot now and I'm really enjoying it. David isn't what he was but it does kick some ass. I still would have liked new songs though with this being a bonus

  • @ chuck: I can understand that you don't like it, but, in my opinion,the original is better and this new version is kinda fun. The purple album will not come close to the originals either I guess. But it will be kinda fun. And maybe for a lot of Whitesnake fans after 1987, these are new songs, because they don't know the legendary original versions. I will go to the Purple tour, just for fun, no more, no less :)

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