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    Deep Purple – Come Taste The Band
    When Ritchie Blackmore quit Deep Purple in 1975, it seemed as if the writing might be on the wall for the great British rock institution. Frontman David Coverdale, himself a relatively recent recruit to the band, persuaded Jon Lord to give the group another shot, recruiting American guitarist Tommy Bolin in Blackmore’s place. The resulting album, 1975’s Come Taste The Band, extended the heavy funk/soul direction explored on the Mark III line-up’s Burn and Stormbringer albums, but Bolin’s more jazz-influenced playing wasn’t wholly embraced by fans tiring of Purple’s shifting focus. Just six months after the album’s release Lord and drummer Ian Paice dissolved the group: nine months later Bolin died of a heroin overdose, aged 25, ensuring no way back for this version of the legendary band.

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