Mel at the Bristol Granary 1982

  • I am guessing this was from one of Trapeze's last wouldn't be long before DC came-a-calling and it was off to a reconstituted Whitesnake. I wonder who else was in the band at the time.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Here are the complete list of dates that Trapeze played at the Granary Club.


    July 30
    Oct. 22 (paid 45 pounds - openers, Humanity paid 20 pounds)
    Jan. 4 (paid 45 pounds - openers, Elias Hunk paid 22 pounds)
    Jun. 3 (paid 50 pounds - openers, Sattva paid 16 pounds)


    Sep. 16 (paid 75 pounds - openers, Fly paid 18 pounds)


    Jul 6 (paid 75 pounds - openers, Headstone paid 10 pounds)
    Jan 11 (paid 100 pounds)


    Mar 21 (paid 100 pounds)


    Dec 23 (paid 225 pounds)


    Aug 25 (paid 150 pounds - with Pete Goalby)


    Jan 23

    Info is from a book by Al Read who was the entertainment manager for the club from 1968-1982 until he left to work for the BBC.

    Also along side of the 1982 entry was a photo, a different one, taken from the same night as the ones posted above by barrence. Probably one of yours barrence as it is very similar.


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