• Tonight's setlist from Phones 4u Arena in Manchester, UK :thumbup:

    The Grey
    Chemical Rain
    Sweet Tea
    Spit You Out
    All Falls Down
    Midnight Oil
    The Way

    Here's @CaliBreedBand tearing up the Manchester Arena. Loving what I'm hearing

    — Mike Riding (@rdngmike) November 28, 2014

  • A great but short CB set at Manchester Arena last night.
    I have seen Glenn on every UK tour he has done apart from DP.
    I was close to the stage and saw that the whole band were enjoying themselves
    and I was particularly impressed with Andrew who plays with the confidence of a seasoned pro. Joey was excellent and powered through the set with great energy.
    Glenn was also very energetic and gave a great performance receiving a great reaction from the crowd, especially for his vocal gymnastics!
    It was over all too quickly, and the set list is up on FB for those interested.
    I hope CB do produce more music but I will be happy for more GH solo stuff too.

  • I was at the Leeds shows last night :D

    Openers The Twenty Two Hundred were pretty good i thought. Did around 20 minutes from 7 till 7.20.

    California Breed were on at 7.45 and gave a great performance for 40 minutes or so.

    The arena can hold up to 13500 and even though it wasn't a sell out it still looked 3/4 full in the seating area when they hit the stage.

    Sound was loud and full on but i thought Glenn's vocals were a bit lost and echoey in the mix at times. i was high up in the seating area so may have been different for those standing at floor level.

    Although i videoed 4 or 5 songs i'm afraid they havent come out too well so not likely to put on youtube. i had people walking in front of me to get their seats during two of them and the sound isnt very good either. plus i had to use maximum zoom so not crystal clear. i actually think my new 16MB Nikon camera took a poorer video than my old 6megapixel one :huh: :( Maybe the microphone is more sensitive.

    Anyway, back to the show, I thought the band went down well with the crowd. I actually heard someone behind me shout to his mates "Wow, what a voice!" during Glenn's short vocal workout at the end of All Falls Down. I'm pretty sure most fans though had no idea of Glenn's history. Considering G'n'R Appetite was 27 years ago the crowd was quite young.

    Joey were excellent and i agree with others that he's a better fit for the band than Jason Bananas. In fact i enjoyed his playing more and he is a heavier and harder type of player whereas JB plays all round his kit, almost because he can.

    Andrew has all the moves, looks and playing you can wish for. Spit You Out really grooved along.

    Amazingly people were still coming in when Slash and co hit the stage at 9pm.

    I will be at the Birmingham show on Monday so hope to have a few decent pics and hopefully video to post.

    Cal Breed Tour Shirts weren't cheap - £25

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Glenn also came back onstage a short time later, joining forces with SLASH and Motorhead guitarist, Phil Campbell,
    for a "Blues Jam" :cool1:

    #Conspirators & @glenn_hughes in Soundcheck!
    Maybe the surprise for tonight? @SlashNPerla_Arg I think yes!

    — Myles Kennedy Rock (@MKennedyRock) December 1, 2014

  • A great show last night at the LG Arena.

    the sound for Cal Breed was a hundred times better than at Leeds.

    Glenn's vocals were clear and sharp in the mix and Andrew's guitar was a wall of sound. As a result they went down really well with the crowd and it was just such a shame they didn't get an extra 20 minutes rather than have another band on before them.

    Once again Glenn dazzled with the full range of his voice and Andrew too was in his element on guitar and with both lead and backing vocals.

    I found myself thinking that if Glenn was 24 like AW then the band would be competing with Rivals Sons as the next big thing.

    As David has already posted, Glenn and Phil came on after around 5 songs.

    Glenn told me after the show that Slash gave him just 5 minutes notice that he wanted him to come back out and said they'd just do a blues jam in E and he could just make up the lyrics as he went along. So what you see is Glenn just singing whatever he thought of off the top of his head.

    I actually found myself rather bored with Slash's set. Although World On Fire is a decent album its all rather the same and much of the other live songs were too.

    Slash's solo went on and on and on without ever really going anywhere or impressing me.

    Although I may be biased the Cal Breed songs and performance was better. Myles vocals were a bit lost in the sound mix at times too.

    All in all this has been a great tour for the band allowing them to play to large crowds even if for a short time.

    My source tells me if you are in London tonight you may well see a special guest appear on guitar for Burn ;)

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Glenn sounds great, but I just don't like Myles vocal style at all.

    I definitely agree! After Glenn's voice, I'm not real partial to listening to Myles. I respect his efforts and energy, but, I'm not drawn to his vocal style.

    But, I feel thankful that Glenn and California Breed was able to get this tour off and running! ...and I give Myles thanks and respect for his efforts in helping California Breed get out the door :thumbup:

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