• Yvonne and Sigurd, thank you for the great reviews from these 2 shows.
    I almost wish I would have seen Glenn and California Breed in a smaller venue, but, they are good anywhere!
    Interesting about the lack of vocal clarity at times. I noticed when I'm at concerts and sitting up-front, many times I will not hear the PA (especially vocals) very well. The sound folks tend to project them farther out into the crowd. I noticed this dramatically when I saw Black Star Riders this summer (I was standing right in front of Ricky Warwick and I could barely hear him! Ha! :lol:

    I'm hoping after the UK tour, there will be some discussion as to what will be the next step with California Breed. I want it to continue!

    Yvonne, so sorry you didn't meet Glenn afterwards, I understand how difficult it can be, even with the smaller crowds and how waiting in the cold can be a killer! Also, thanks for trying with the posters - I appreciate your efforts! :)

  • Yes, Berlin has also been a great show! Even though I wish there would have been more people there. In the past months I only saw one big poster for several concerts of different bands on a suburban train station once and one of the bands was California Breed. But maybe there was more advertisement and I missed it. I think there were about 400 people at the concert but that's just a guess.

    The Postbahnhof (Post Station) at the "Ostbahnhof" (East Station - which is a train station, an underground and a suburban train station) is a well known club for quite good concerts. It's a small venue without seats. I saw "Rodrigo & Gabriela" (a fantastic guitar duo) in there twice. And I think a rock band can play there unplugged and would still be heard very well in the last corner. So, if you stood right in front of the stage like me, the loudness blew your head away if you forgot your ear plugs. But having to choose between going to the back to protect my ears more or staying at the front I wouldn't leave that first-class place for watching that band as close as possible :cool:

    As lioness wrote: Glenn and Andrew played very well together and went to the leading edge of the stage several times, so people could touch their feet. I was just taking care that I didn't get Andrew's guitar on my head when he seemed to get lost in his playing ;)

    I adored them playing with such an enthusiasm as if they played a big stadium. Also Joey was really good and kept laughing inbetween as well while hitting the drums pretty hard and precise. I loved Jason on drums but I think that Joey is definitely not playing any worse.

    The only bad thing for me was when I tried to get a second pic of Andrew's feet with all the pedals in front. I thought it was a funny and interesting motif. Don't know why Andrew didn't like it and kicked my hand with the camera away. It was only a soft touch with a stretched leg but I was totally surprised and it spoilt my joy for a little while. Then again I can understand that people on stage are getting fed up with all the fans taking photos all the time instead of just enjoying the concert. But it's hard (especially for me as an engaged amateur photographer) to leave the camera alone when you really like the band and love to take photos.

    On the setlist on stage it should have been Breathe and Burn for encores. So I decided then to leave my first-class place and go to the back of the room and up two steps to enjoy the last two songs from there and take a video of Breathe which is one of my favs. But they only played Burn, so I've got that on film now and don't know if I should upload it because it's on YT so often already.

    It was still a great evening and I will for sure not miss any next concert with Glenn in Berlin! :)

    Oh, and nobody mentioned the opener yet. In Germany the Austrian band Mother's Cake started the evening, playing a mixture of Funk and Rock with some progressive and psychadelic parts. Not bad.

    I'm sorry that I forgot how to include photos here from my gallery (they just won't show up when I include the URL over the "Insert Image" button. So if you're interested there are some pics of the Berlin gig in my member gallery.

  • Sigurd and geosoulberlin, thanks for your reports. Sigurd, how many people were at the gig in Cologne?

    Heidi, I saw your photos, they are brilliant! :thumbup:

    Here are reviews and pics from Milan

    and from Warsaw


    Try Google translate if you feel the need for some giggles...

  • Yvonne, so sorry you didn't meet Glenn afterwards, I understand how difficult it can be, even with the smaller crowds and how waiting in the cold can be a killer!

    Yes, that was of course a disappointment, Blue. If only... if only I had waited for five more minutes :rolleyes:

    I called myself several names that night, stupid cow was one of the nicer ones! :D

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Thanx to all my fellow fans, like Heidi, Yvonne and Sigurd for your inspiring reviews :thumbup: In Koln were about 400 fans. I've seen no posters in the city (bad publicity). I was with my GH buddy in the venue Gloria Theater in the late afternoon and we heard the complete soundcheck. After that we had a chanceto talk to Glenn. He signed some stuff and we did some photo's. After the show we waited outside and I missed Sigurd :( was looking for a guy with longer hair, but were you the guy with the CB album, standing before the tour-bus right in front of the door of the venue????. After the show buddy Theo and I met Glenn again, Andrew again and Joey the animal on drums. Cold day, but a very good day :thumbup:…com/pin/create/extension/

  • Following is a review of the gig in Wiesbaden - in English.

    All in all the review itself is very positive


    Just ****ing go and see Glenn and the boys perform! They will burn your residual brain cells out of your mind…




    Well, can’t really blame him for this cause ****ed up tour managing and booking as well as bad advertising resulted in the following: California Breed, Hughes’ latest outstanding project in collaboration with young guitarist Andrew Watt and Jason Bonham on drums, did not convince even 100 people to exchange their plans for a lazy night on the couch with some canned beers for a live rock ‘n’ roll show with expensive bottled beer.

    As we all said here: no posters, no advertising. I hope that Glenn's management never uses the 'service' :rolleyes: of Wizard Promotions again.


    All in all, California Breed is an exciting project and they definitely are an exciting, fresh band to see live. It would be wonderful to see this project continue

    So the writer has the same opinion as bluebassman - and a few others I should say!

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • "I'm a hippie, not a punkrocker"

    When playing in Vienna with California Breed, Glenn gave an in-depth interview to Kronen Zeitung.

    He openly admits that the band lost some gigs due to the sudden departure of Bonham and that it took about a month to find Joey Castillo as replacement. For the time being, he is reluctant to say anything about the future of CaliBreed (which is what I have suspected but do not really want to hear).


    You pointed out in an interview that the doors will be closed for a return of Bonham.

    The doors are closed because HE closed them. It wasn't me.…563/app__CORE/story.phtml

    The interview is in German and well worthy to invest some time and work in Google translate.

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

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