"The Flame" by Sigurd Kross

  • :cool: Hi everybody here,

    this new song of mine shows my musical essential based on a loud Fender Strat on one side and an overdriven Hammond sound on the other.

    I was jammin' ,riffing, practising over the summer and this song came out of it.
    The guitar track is made in one take only including the solo, but the organ track was built from different parts, it took the most time of all.

    I hope you enjoy the clip, HEAR IT NOW and HEAR IT LOUD!!

    greets Sigurd Kross

  • so hi,
    just enough time these days to make some new things, especially on this song, which seemed to me ready for an upgrade.

    my guitarplaying has changed a bit over the years, so like mixing stuff and putting the things together in different ways.

    So enjoy listening THE FLAME !!

    Sigurd Kross

  • Good to hear from you again Sigurd. Sounds good! I hope to see you again in the near future when corona is gone. Maybe at Glenn Hughes and Dead Daisies in Amsterdam 2021.

    | Burn | Stormbringer | Come Taste The Band

  • :thumbup:
    Dear Willem,

    good to hear from you too, and thanx for your response. Well i see you're optimistic in case of that global pandemic and i think its a good way to handle it. We all hope that next year we're able to visit concerts again.

    And to see Glenn with the dead daisies at Amsterdam !! :bow:

    So stay upright and keep the (black) masquerade on !

    best wishes

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