BTM cover?

  • So it appears this is the front cover (see below) for Building The Machine, at least that's what his record label is showing us.

    Here's their blurb...

    GLENN HUGHES - 'Building The Machine'
    Glenn Hughes finished his European Tour - even though his doctor told him to cancel all shows because of running a fever as well as a heavy cold - absolutely successful!

    And now he reveals the release date of his new album Building The Machine as August 20th.

    Here's the tracklisting:

    01 Can't Stop The Flood
    02 Inside
    03 Out On Me
    04 I Just Want To Celebrate
    05 Don't Let It Slip Away
    06 Feels Like Home
    07 Highball Shooter
    08 When You Fall
    09 I Will Follow You
    10 Beyond The Numb
    11 Big Sky

    Can anyone confirm and is the 'Bonus Track' included here?

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