The 25 Funkiest Rock Songs - Classic Rock June 2014

  • As well as the review of California Breed, in the June issue of Classic Rock there is 3 page feature on The Funkiest Rock Songs and Glenn plays on two of them!

    Trapeze's "Way Back To The Bone" is listed at 15


    Glenn Hughes is one of the great white soul singers - like Michael McDonald with a rocket up his ass. Before he joined Deep Purple, Hughes was the bass playing frontman of power trio Trapeze. Way Back To The Bone is a heavy-rolling, James Brown-style shakedown.

    Purple's "Getting Tighter" is at 8.

    Stevie Salas, who featured on The Way It Is, is at 22 with "The Harder They Come".

    Prince's "Lets Go Crazy" is placed at #1 - watch this video and then imagine California Breed doing it! :thumbup:
    [ame='']3RDEYEGIRL - Let's Go Crazy (Manchester, UK - Feb 22, 2014) - YouTube[/ame]

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