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    ...the self-titled California Breed is a heavy amalgamation of Hughes' soaring vocals, Bonham's imitable finesse behind a drum kit and Watt's intuitive, modern swagger on the guitar and songwriting abilities.…eases&Itemid=38

  • A stellar 10/10 review by 100% ROCK MAGAZINE


    We’re used to magnificent performances from ‘The Voice Of RockGlenn Hughes (bass/vocals) and the ever-amazing Jason Bonham (drums), but the wild card here is young six-string-slinger Andrew Watt, introduced to Hughes by Julian Lennon. His playing is superb – stunning even – on every song.

  • My 'deluxe' copy should be in my mailbox this coming Monday!!! :bouncer:

    My vinyl order was delivered to a neighbour on Friday who then went away for the weekend... :rolleyes: :mad:

    Thanks for the link, Ben! :thumbup:

    "I might have been born in Liverpool, but I grew up in Hamburg." John Lennon

  • Got the album and heard it on my crappy work computer at low volume. Gonna have us a good meal in a few along with a couple drinks then we are having a proper listen.

    Already have songs stuck in my head. I'll post a full review after I absorb it more.


    I was shocked when I read that today! It goes to show that you never know. Thankfully they are able to do so much today with these things. I'm still shocked my friend.

    God bless you and your awesome wife. Glad you are in this world and can't wait to see you in less than 2 weeks in NYC.

    Gonna be epic!!!

    Heres to many many more years brother!!! :claphands

  • Man its sure dead around here considering we have a brand new album out!!!

    I'm really loving this record. I will do my review this weekend as we'll be home and have lots of time for more listens.

    Come on people!! Lets hear what you all are thinking of California Breed.



  • My deluxe version arrived on Tuesday and so far played it once in full and loud on my big hifi at home and a couple of times in the car.

    the hardest thing about reviewing the album is that every track is so damn good!

    i havent got a favourite as such (yet) but have found myself singing the "whooa oh oh oh ohohohohoh oh" bit non-stop! trust me, when you hear it you'll know what i mean.

    there is simply no weak track and i love the female vocals on "All Falls Down".

    with a lot of albums there is always a standout track, catchy riff/hook or amazing solo that really grab you but this seems to just be 13 well written and thought out songs with great playing and vocals rather than 2 great, 3 good 3 average and a couple of fillers you''l jump past on the next play.

    Glenn's live singing while playing the tracks has i think made the difference as its just like a live gig where every breath he sings is "in the now" and from the soul rather than too thought out and premeditated.

    the same goes for Jason. he's playing hard and fast as if a live gig rather than holding back looking for click track perfection.

    as for Andrew Watt - do believe the hype! a great meaty & dirty sound from the guitar with real crunch. there are times where i get a bit of Marc Bolan or Mick Ronson but otherwise its a sound all of his own and that is going to be a real trade mark for him.

    the branding/packaging of the cd is excellent and both my wife an daughter like the whole look of it. Expect a lot of merch sales!

    the only "small" criticism i can think of is that some of the lyrics in the booklet are too small to read clearly! could just be my eyesight.

    Overall then - this easily matches ANYTHING Glenn has been involved in.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Nice review Wolfy!!

    Its funny you mention the lyrics in the booklet. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. The ones that are printed smaller are just too small.

    I may be Forever Young but the eyes ain't quite what they used to be :cool:

  • I'm simply going to paste and copy a review of the record from Joe B's web site forum. Speaks volumes coming from a Joe B fanboy.



    I've only had one spin through the CD so far, but it's very, very good. As usual for Glenn, the songs are great. Glenn knows how to write even if he reaches into the cliche lyric box from time to time. It also has it's unrestrained Glenn vocal moments. I know that's not everyone's cup of tea here, but I like his style, and it's not like he goes over the top all of the time. As I've said before, Glenn is a total freak of nature to have that kind of power and vocal range through this long career. It's simply amazing to me. Only last vocal note: the vocal harmonies are terrific on several songs. I need to read the liner notes to see who it is. Sounds too high to be Jason.

    Andrew Watt, the guitarist, has totally exceeded my expectations. I was afraid this was going to be artsy/quirky/funky and it is not. More like BCC pushed a bit harder. Andrew's guitar tone is more overdriven than I expected. I always wished Joe had dirtied up his tone a bit for BCC to set it apart from his blues stuff. But this is more than that. Since I'm a hard rock guy at heart, it certainly works for me and perhaps a lot of others here as well.

    I totally recommend this for the rock guys here or anyone who has followed Glenn. This is not BCC 2.0. It's more like the next Glenn thing. Just get passed the over the top Glenn vocals on track one and you will be rewarded.

  • the only "small" criticism i can think of is that some of the lyrics in the booklet are too small to read clearly! could just be my eyesight.

    Its funny you mention the lyrics in the booklet. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. The ones that are printed smaller are just too small.

    ...the lyrics from the booklet have been posted online by the band on their various 'social' sites, so you can get a closer look that way ;) :D

    ...such as…761515906537905

  • i think I played it 50 times already!!!!!!!!!! cant stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :claphands :singer:

  • Very glad that GLENN is healty again. Great album CALIFORNIA BREED. Lots of power, heart and soul.
    Cosmic stoner rock. Very now!
    One of the highlights in his rich career!
    Glenn plays and sings wit a lot of feel, Jason is amazing and Andrew is a revalation to me. Best songs for now The Way (very Sabbath and in thechoir even Heaven and Hell). Sweet Tea (some echo's of the Cult or early Angus), Midnight Oil (amazing), All falls down (in my opinion a top ten hit in UK and US), The Grey (It's grunge
    time) and Strong ( that is what this album is).

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